Thursday, December 15, 2011


Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos is in pre-implosion mode as the irony of Karma is poised to drive a wooden stake through her chest.

There is a CAT 5 hurricane bearing down on the Harris County Criminal Justice Center (CJC) and the Lykos "house of cards" is projected to take a direct hit.

As the  two (2) Harris County Grand Jury investigations into the Harris County District Attorney's behavior evolve; Lykos will be less equipped to withstand the pressure than did her predecessor--the disgraced scandal ridden former Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal.

However, unlike Rosenthal's abrupt meltdown; Lykos' destructive behavior has been a festering wound within the CJC that has alienated most of the remaining staff. Lykos' loyalty is limited to her top lieutenants........the troops will not have her back. As her wounds become more serious and her viability wanes.........the "little people" will rise up and deliver the cruelest blow of all.

The Harris County Republican Party will soon have no choice but to distance themselves from the Lykos administration to mitigate collateral damage to the GOP.
There will not be a meaningful Republican Primary contest for Harris County DA........Congratulations to Republican challenger Mike Anderson who won't even have to campaign.

Timing, after all,  is everything in politics..........


Anonymous said...

What will happen to little Jimmy Leitner when Judge Pat resigns or drops dead from all the stress? Will he be interim DA?

Anonymous said...

How come nobody is doing anything to Rachel Palmer's husband, Don Hooper, for taking photographs of the grand jurors? That's gotta be freaking them out!

Anonymous said...

Hooper has mounted a reign of terror for years - these fotos hardly show what he is capable of. People are in hiding & others have left the state to stay safe away from him. No one has connected the dots and our legal system won't waste time if the dots are not connected.

Anonymous said...

We'll see what you think after no indictments are handed down, Mr. Ink.

Lykos has done a great job and your friend Mike Anderson has been p*ssy whipped into something way over his pay grade.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:34,

Is that you Rage or little Donnie Hooper?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ink;

Can you spearhead an aggressive effort to gather information on Palmer's Husband background? It would be interesting to see what can be uncovered? We would be most interested in employment, income, DWI's violence, mental assessments, etc. What has been disclosed by others in his family, criminal and civil proceedings? What has he said under oath? Is it consistent? We would be most interested in employment, income, DUI, violence, mental evaluations, etc. It could be VERY beneficial to counter Hooper's attack on Mike Anderson.

BLACK INK said...

Anon 5:45,

Donald Hooper is nothing more than a peripheral pissant and not worth your time nor mine.

Our greater concern ought to be distancing Mike Anderson from the disasterous gross mishandling of the 185th District Court Grand Jury fiasco at virtually every level.
When no indictments are ultimately handed down, Mike will have some undeserved exposure.

I am now deeply concerned that Pat Lykos could be very persuasive in establishing a "witch hunt conspiracy theory" implicating Anderson as the seemingly obvious orchestrator and benefactor.

Unfortunately, the contextual timing, motives and key players involved are, at best, highly suspect on their face.....there are simply too many "coincidences" to dismiss in cavalier fashion.
Those outside our CJC community
will have no reason to question the alleged fire if there is enough smoke bellowing from the airwaves.

Blakemore needs to be pro-active instead of reactive if Anderson hopes to have any chance to quash the Lykos misinformation machine BEFORE the voter well is poisoned with the mantra, "We can't afford to replace the Rosenthal culture of corruption with the Anderson culture of corruption: keep DA Pat Lykos"........

Anonymous said...

Black Ink,

Judge Pat has cleaned up much of the mess at the DAs office and needs another term to finish the job. Why on earth would we bring back a Rosenthal clone called Mike Anderson to undo all of Judge Pat's hard work? That just seems silly.

inside info said...

You are stupid.