Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It seems that Judge Pat Lykos prefers to conduct business at the Harris County District Attorney' s Office (HCDAO) more like a third world banana republic dictatorship than a world class District Attorney's Office.

When a wolf campaigns to optimize the flock; it's not just the sheep that ought to worry about the hungry wolf.
Thus goes the current administration at the HCDAO............... the wolf's belly is bloated, the sheep are scared, winter is coming and wool is scarce.

The Harris County Republican Party (HCRP) leadership needs to understand that Judge Pat Lykos bellowing Republican sound bites and simply breathing longer than most non-nursing home Harris County citizens have been alive, is no substitute for actual on-the-job experience and leadership skills.

Jared Woodfill and the HCRP's sponsoring of Judge Pat Lykos' fiasco is a sad, yet predictable reflection of her self promoting rhetorical platitudes..........................void of any relevant substantive personal accomplishments.

The main character difference between Judge Pat Lykos and Barack Hussein Obama is simply that Judge Pat Lykos has been at it longer.......a whole lot longer.

Professional political prostitutes, like Judge Pat Lykos and President Barack Obama, have the uncanny ability to repackage reality. These folks are masters of illusion. They have a remarkable ability to highlight misteps made by others in order to divert attention from their otherwise empty suits.

Mike Anderson is not the perfect candidate nor would he be my first choice to be the elected DA of Harris County; however, unless someone else throws in her unlikely hat, Mike Anderson is by far the best choice to support for DA of Harris County.


Anonymous said...

Mike Anderson needs to tell Chuck Rosenthal to take his endorsement and shove it up his ass. Mike also needs to stay as far away from Terry Lowry as possible. The connection to those two will bring him down and Lykos won't have to lift a finger.

BLACK INK said...

Anon 1:12,

I couldn't agree more.

Kelly Siegler made a crucial political mistake by not distancing herself from Chuck Rosenthal at the onset of her campaign and Pat Lykos exploited that.
Mike Anderson needs to openly denounce Rosenthal BEFORE Lykos gets a copy of the Rosenthal email endorsement.

As for Terry Lowry, I am shocked and greatly concerned that Anderson would lower himself to garner that type of endorsement. Neither Johnny Holmes nor Kelly Siegler would EVER have associated themselves with that vermin.

Good people rarely make good politicians; so maybe Mike Anderson has chosen accordingly.....March 6th will tell the tale and I hope Mike doesn't lose the election AND his reputation when this is all said and done.

The temptations of political office constantly challenge one's faith and be careful what you wish for and are willing to sacrifice in the pursuit.

Conservative Values Count said...

Mike Anderson is nothing more than a good old boy from the Rosenthal era. The 2 of them drank whiskey and chased women together back in the day--only Mike left the DAs when the boys club was rockin' and before Chuckie was outed. The main difference between these 2 guys is Mike was a better trial lawyer. Mike still represented the same Malboro cowboy bullshit needing to be fixed--bailing before being busted don't change the facts none.
Times sure enough are real bad at the DAs office and some of my buddies are mad as hell about how Chuck set this all up. Fact is poor Mike Anderson ain't the guy to set things right no matter how bad some want to believe he can.
Anyways thats just one old timers 2bits--and popping off how much better Mike is then the nut case Judge Pat--all I have to say is it ain't real hard to beat a shit sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Candidate Mike Anderson argues that DIVERT is illegal while his criminal defense attorney wife Devon Anderson argues that her defendants should be granted DIVERT.

Judge Mike Anderson states in writing that trace drug cases should not be felonies while candidate Mike Anderson states that trace drug cases should be felonies.

Mike Anderson wore a moustache his entire career as an assistant district attorney for Harris County just like his running buddies Charles "Chuck" Rosenthal and John B. Holmes. In fact Anderson never shaved his trademark moustache until his political handlers told him to de-Chuck for his website family photo.

Poliiticians will say and do anything to get elected and your boy Mike Anderson is no different than Pat Lykos in that respect.

BLACK INK said...

Anon 8:39,

Mike Anderson is nothing like Chuck Rosenthal and will prove that out come January when he is sworn in as Harris County's next elected District Attorney.

Conservative Values Count,

Envy and jealousy are terrible demons....counseling might help.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:39. I've got photos of Mike from nearly a year ago without that moustache--that is not a "new" change...clearly you don't know Mike or spend any time at the courthouse. It came off when he retired and it's absolutely ridiculous that facial hair is even part of a discussion about who's qualified to be the HCDA.

DIVERT is illegal--stay tuned.

Anon 8:39 said...

Anon 6:57,

My comment was intended to show what a hippocrite Mike Anderson is not argue the merits of DIVERT. I agree with you that DIVERT on its face is illegal and is a political move by Pat Lykos to circumvent the Texas Legislature. I find it disingenuous though for Mike Anderson to profit from the fruits of DIVERT when his criminal defense attorney wife, Devon Anderson, supports and receives DIVERT for her clients???? Texas is a community property state, Mike and Devon Anderson are married residents of the state of Texas and Devon Anderson is paid for her legal services when she argues her criminal clients deserve DIVERT. So I ask you why is Mike Anderson being so hard on Pat Lykos and not his wife Devon Anderson since each of these women advocate and directly profit from DIVERT?
Mike Anderson's position on trace drug cases is blatant hippcrisy without any help from Devon.
You and Black Ink have no idea how similar Chuck Rosenthal and Mike Anderson are with or without their "I want to be just like Johnny" moustaches. Mike Anderson shaving his off made it more obvious that's all. The qualification argument hasn't been an issue for electing a DA in Harris County for years so why the sudden concern now?
I hope your boy wins so you can see who you think you know and then decide who is ridiculous.

Luci Davidson said...

Anon 11:51: I agree that DIVERT is illegal, but, as a defense attorney, I am sworn to zealously represent my client as is Devon Anderson. As a defense attorney, zealously representing her client, Devon has a duty to explain to her client DIVERT, if her client is eligible. Devon, also, has a duty to try and achieve that goal if her client wishes to avail her/himself of DIVERT. The fact that Mike is running for DA doesn't change the oath Devon took to her clients. I have known Mike Anderson for years. He was a great ADA and will be a great DA if elected. He has no baggage, and although Chuck still thinks he's relevant, which he TOTALLY isn't, [Can we somehow make him go away? Geez, what a loser!!] Mike never worked for him. He decided to run for Judge long before Chuck threw his name in the hat for DA. Mike was NEVER Chuck's running buddy, so you can give that up right now. You are delusional if you think Mike wouldn't be a good DA for this county. Oh, and as far as the moustache, he had it for years, and shaved it off well before he announced. So, give it up, Anon 11:51, at least I have the guts to say who I am and stand by my beliefs you coward POS!!

Luci Davidson