Sunday, June 26, 2011


Texas Governor Rick Perry's support of House Bill 417 along with Texas state Senator Rodney Ellis' amendment thereto, facilitated the long overdue compensation for former death row inmate Anthony Graves.

But for the "Justice at all Cost" philosophy and work ethic of former Harris County Assistant District Attorney Kelly Siegler; the "Making Amends" editorial in today's Houston Chronicle on point would not have been possible.

Graves is but one of the many victims Siegler's career has been dedicated to seek justice for without apology or  reservation.
Winning for Siegler is not about "the Lykos scalp counters", it is not about the red neck rogue prosecutors who covet convictions as wins regardless as to the issue of actual guilt or innocence, it is not about the media's agenda............."winning at all cost" for Kelly Siegler is NOT about THAT kind of "justice"--- it is about REAL JUSTICE.

We can require that all criminal activity be wrapped in a tidy little box with a simple bow.
It would be nice if  all witnesses were honest; crime scenes were never tainted; DNA evidence was always plentiful and pure; prosecutors, defense counsel and investigators were always ethical/apolitical/qualified and diligent; judges and juries always followed the law and charges were the alternative, we can strive for the ideal but not capitulate to the absurdity of naivete.

Anthony Graves, David Temple and Dror Goldberg were each accused by the State of Texas of commiting gruesome killings.
Each case was uniquly complicated lacking the neat little bow and tidy box too many folks require to proceed.
Each would require an incredible ability and dedication by the prosecutor to achieve a just outcome...........both for the victims and for the State of Texas.
There will always be those who doubt David Temple or Dror Goldberg are truly guilty or that Anthony Graves is truly innocent. That is because these cases are not slam dunk whales with harpoons either way. These are the type of cases that REQUIRE that special character and ability that makes a prosecutor a Rock Star for justice.....political fallout be damned. 

Three (3) tough cases and one (1) tough prosecutor.............two (2)  convictions and one (1) exoneration as Texas Rock Star Prosecutor Kelly Siegler does what's right because it is the right thing to do; and THAT is what makes a winner.

"Counting scalps" might be the measure of winning if your quarterback is Pat Lykos; but REAL justice is not a game and REAL prosecutors know that.

I challenge Brian Rogers and the Houston Chronicle to interview Mr. Anthony Graves on the issue of Kelly Siegler as a prosecutor.................


Anonymous said...

Kelly's the real deal alright we miss her at the CJC.

Anonymous said...

She has my vote, will she be on the ticket?

Anonymous said...

Jim Leitner and Judge Pat have shown what they stand for and it sure isn't what I value. I knew Judge Pat was a horrible person from my experience working with her. Jim fooled me. I used to think he was a fair stand up guy. I was way wrong. I can't believe what has happened to the DA's office.
Kelly is a rock star for sure and would be an awesome DA. I hope she runs and restores the DA's office but can't imagine why she would do it. Who would want that thankless headache after Judge Pat's people?

Anonymous said...

I saw where Graves finally got his money yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Kelly should not run for office. There is nothing left.

Anonymous said...

Brian Rogers is not a real journalist but you already knew that.