Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"Whatever the results of the drama currently playing itself out in the political theater, the nation faces a fundamental decision that cannot be made by politicians hopelessly caught up in the government-addicted premise of that drama's exposition of the tragic flaw in the currently accepted way of doing politics.

It must be made by the people.
They alone can decide to reject the assumption of government dependency imposed by the New Deal syndrome.
They alone can decide to reject the false notion that it's the government's job to assure the welfare of individuals, when in fact government exists only to serve the common good.
They alone can reassert their determination to live as a people who accept the God-ordained responsibilities that give them the right to care for each other as individuals, in natural and voluntary communities free of pre-emptive government dictatorship.
They alone can assert and re-establish the integrity and liberty of those institutions of family, faith and economic enterprise that are the God-endowed natural means of fulfilling this responsibility.
They alone can reclaim control of the income and other material resources required to do so.

Americans will not break the habit of government spending, borrowing and taxation until they renounce the temptations of government solicitude and dependency and the "bribe me" party politics that connives to exploit them.
They will not have confidence enough to resist those deceptive temptations until they rediscover the resources of faith and moral courage that mainly arise from living out the motto that was and ought still to be the openly flaunted secret of their economic aspiration, the slogan that placed their trust in God, not government."

Alan Keyes


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