Monday, November 28, 2011


Pat Lykos used to be a Houston Police Officer......she also used to be a judge and has been a Republican longer than anyone I know in Harris County.

In 2008, Lykos was elected District Attorney of Harris County.

Lykos' behavior since becoming DA demonstrates great confusion as to which identity she covets most.

The fourth edition of the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM-IV) seems to shed light on the Lykos identity crisis. Specifically, dissociative identity disorder (DID) is defined therein as a condition in which "two (2) or more distinct identities or personality states alternate in controlling the individual's consciousness and behavior. It further goes on to state that DID is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.

I do not pretend to be a psychiatrist or psychologist; but merely offer DSM-IV as a tool to try and understand Lykos' odd behavior.


1. Lykos the Judge:
Although Pat Lykos was appointed to the bench and subsequently re-elected on party lines; she is now the elected District Attorney of Harris County and hasn't been a judge for many years. Notwithstanding, this DA insists on being called "Judge Pat".
I wonder if former Judge Ted Poe goes by Judge Ted or by Congressman Poe?

2. Lykos the Cop:
Although Lykos hasn't been a cop for decades longer than her vacancy from the bench; she defines herself as the chief arresting officer of Harris County, “You can run, but you can't hide. We are bringing them to justice".
Cop Pat is even copying the FBI with her very own district attorney's most wanted list.
Cop Pat's one man Cold Case propaganda project a/k/a the, "Special Team To Solve Cold Cases" has yet to do so and is simply another blaring example of policing instead of prosecuting.
Lykos' facade has absolutely nothing to do with trying cold cases in a courtroom; instead it is merely a police function better named a Fugitive Apprehension Unit whereby Lykos acts more like a police sergeant than a district attorney.

3. Lykos the Social Worker:
Providing puppies for witnesses to pet during interviews might be cute and therapeutic for some; but not a high priority in a prosecutors' office.
Lykos also provided for, "Free Internet Monitoring Software For Parents" nice.
Lykos confronting the issues of animal cruelty, elderly abuse and the mentally challenged folks are all legitimate concerns for social services as well and I applaud her outreach. HOWEVER, as wonderful as it is to advocate for these causes; ending world hunger and curing AIDS are also noble concerns..............but none of these crusades are the function of a district attorney.
If Lykos decided to spend forfeiture funds to build some gyms and day care centers in the third ward to cut down on crime in the old neighborhood; that too would be a wonderful thing----but alas, in the REAL WORLD Lykos is the Harris County DA; NOT the Harris County Social Services Director.

4. Lykos the Politician:
The dominant Lykos identity or personality state is Political Pat. She is a master at Republican base pandering. Lykos seems to spend more time schmoozing with Republican insiders and jet setting than she does conducting official business at the District Attorney's Office......AND the Republican Base loves her for it.
Her political expertise supplants any substantive qualification requirements beyond the bare minimum for the government position(s) she seeks to hold.

So what are Lykos' qualifications to serve Harris County as District Attorney beyond the minimal filing requirements set forth by the Secretary of State?

Lykos will tell you:
* she's a long time litigator (even though she's NEVER tried a single case as a prosecutor, criminal defense lawyer or civil attorney)
* she has been a Republican forever (????)
* she wants ICE to do more about the illegals (hmmmm, maybe Lykos ought to go work for ICE or write her Congressman).
* she wants to remedy jail overcrowding (by failing to properly prosecute criminal behavior?)
* even though the Texas state legislature prohibits it, her DIVERT program provides certain "deserving" drunk drivers a second chance (Some folks should get special treatment based on their ability to pay. Arbitrary parameters which provide for coerced alcohol rehabilitation for non-alcoholics without valid outcome studies "prove" that "Dr. Lykos" has had a greater impact on curing alcoholism than the entire Texas Medical Center?).
* that Kelly Siegler and all the ADAs who campaigned for Siegler in 2008 were de facto just like Rosenthal and fostered a culture of corruption at the HCDAO. (However, when allegations of corruption are levied against Lykos they are false, vicious and unfounded amounting to nothing more than a conspiratorial witch hunt).
* all that is wrong at the HCDAO today is a reflection of the prior administration's bad behavior and she is cleaning house as fast as she can (never mind that the HCDAO is in operational meltdown mode and, if re-elected, even Lykos' most ardent Republican supporters will cringe when the true devastation of what was once a premier District Attorney's Office is revealed).

5. Lykos the Prosecutor:
Pat Lykos was elected DA of Harris County in 2008. Therefore, by definition she is a prosecutor (it ought to take much more than that).

Judge Pat........Political Pat.........Cop Pat..........Social Worker Pat.............her pretense as a prosecutor has run its course.

So who's in?
Pat Lykos officially filed today as the Republican incumbent.
I expect Mike Anderson to file this week and Kelly Siegler to file after that.....both as Republicans.
Jim Leitner can't file.
Zach Fertitta shouldn't file?
The flake factor is always there.

Two (2) questions for the 2012 Harris County District Attorney's race will be:
1. which candidate will confront Lykos in the run-off bloodbath AND
2. will anyone besides the the hard core Republican base show up on run-off day?

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