Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well it's been a long time coming, but a Dick DeGuerin high profile client finally gets a photo-op smile on the front page of today's Houston Chronicle! There is no doubt that Dr. Michael Brown shares the obvious relief of his DeGuerin defense team that he did not have to face ADA Kelly Siegler.......we all know those trial stats.
The paper's Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Cohen, and his criminal defense attorney wife are no doubt thrilled that their very own Pat Lykos is at the helm of the evicerated District Attorney's office as evidenced by cub reporter, Brian Rogers', rendition of the trial.

In that vein, is it any wonder that the City & State front page section of this same edition reads, "DA won't prosecute Jones in ethics case". 
How could they? The Harris County District Attorney's Office lacks an ethical backbone as well as the ability to appropriately prosecute a high profile case that is not a WHALE slam dunk in the bag guarantee!

The real headline ought to be,  "HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE : R.I.P".

Sadly, the criminal justice system has always judged the least fortunate the harshest. The only way poor folks get a dream team defense is when there is a cause de celebre or some publicity grandstand potential......otherwise the spoils go to the wealthy; as they did at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center yesterday.

Harris County needs ROCK STAR prosecutors not only to protect the community from wealthy and/or high profile crooks; but also to provide leadership roles for the junior prosecutors as they develop in their careers....lest their skills stagnate in baby prosecutor mode.

As these types of headlines become more and more common-place in Harris County the citizens will come to appreciate that DA Patsy Lykos lacks the basic requisite leadership skills for her position: cognitive ability, motives, values, social skills, expertise, and problem-solving skills. Her arbitrary rule by terror and intimidation will never compensate for these failings as demonstrated by her ADAs  fear driven complacency, mediocrity and timidness..........not the characteristics a community wants in THEIR ADAs. 

One must wonder with trepidation what the outcome will be for the next high profile wealthy defendant or cause de celebre to be tried in Harris County.

ADA Kari Allen will have an opportunity to bring justice back to the courthouse when she tries her high profile wealthy defendant, attorney Jeffery Stern; who is also charged with causing physical harm to a spoiled and pampered wife.  Stern's defense attorney in his alleged "Divorce by Death" plot is the venerable Paul Nugent who is as good as Dick DeGuerin used to we'll see if the District Attorney's "team" is up to the challenge.

ADA Steve Baldassano will have a similar opportunity if he ever puts down the dodge ball and tries Jessica Tata for her involvement in the burning deaths of seven (7) defenseless little children. Hopefully Tata's high profile defense attorney, Mike DeGuerin, will not have the same 'possum eatin' grin plastered on the Houston Chronicle's front page like his brother Dick had.


Anonymous said...

well at least we won't have watch the girly makeup and listen to the lame excuses of Brian "I wish I was relevant" Wice on appeal.

Anonymous said...

Brian Wice looked a whole lot like Quannel 10 with his eff'd-up mug making sure he was front and center when the cameras rolled. Or wait a minute. Is he more like Sheila Jackson Lee?

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember when Seigler beat DeGuerin in the case where that dancer stabbed her tied up hubby a million or so times that she argued not to let the crazy wife's good looks play in the jury room. Funny how DeGuerin used that same line of reasoning after being schooled by his nemesis.
You rock Kelly and we sure miss you at the court house.

Anonymous said...

What do Brian Wice, Sheila Jackson Lee, Quannel X and Pat Lykos all have in common?

a. very ugly parents
b. it be all about them
c. are easy but not cheap
d. believe that STDs are like potato chips

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a "Like" button on here. Here's what I think is funny. Dicky gets his ass schooled by Kelly, critcizes her, bad-mouths her and then copies her. Ain't it sweet that that little short old man is learning from a girl???

Anonymous said...

What an overcharged embarassment to the office. That case should have been weeded out at intake.

OTOH, I guess we know how the other half lives now.

And I was so relieved that Mr. Wice didn't make any baseball analogies, or that I heard anyway. There is a God.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stealth,

You are an idiot for demeaning one of the best prosecutors in the office.

If you weren't such a coward, perhaps you'll stop by and say these things to her face.

Doubt you'll post this - or have guts to say this to her in person.

P.S. You're an idiot. Yes, I know I already said that - just needed to be repeated.

BLACK INK said...

Dear Anon 9:24,

"You are an idiot for demeaning one of the best prosecutors in the office."

Let's not kid ourselves, we both fully know that being one of the "best prosecutors in the office" does not remotely mean what it use to.......most of the top litigators and management at the HCDAO have been run off by Lykos and pretense otherwise is incredulous.
Notwithstanding, the issue is one of leadership and appropriate delegation; not who is one of the best generic prosecutors.

Ms. Waters is a fine prosecutor and has her heart in the right place. She is a hard worker and terrific in domestic violence issues. However, her trial advocacy skills do not appear to be on par with the top litigators at the CJC.

My point was not to discredit Ms. Waters character or work ethic; but rather to highlight the gross inability of her boss, Patsy Lykos, to appropriately utilize rather than squander ADA assets.

Although attention-to-detail trial preparation and charismatic courtroom prowess are essential components of a top shelf prosecutors' office; everyone is not a Rock Star litigator and there ARE areas outside of the courtroom where prosecutors can excel.

Hence the title of this piece suggesting that your friend Ms. Waters was "thrown under the bridge".
In my opinion, Waters NEVER should have been put in the position she found herself to be seemed she was in way over her head and that is a reflection of poor leadership.

bert graham said...

Harris County is very lucky to have Jane Waters prosecuting and trying cases. Kelly Siegler has unique trial skills way beyond the norm. Jane has her own trial skills as well as supervisory skills that have made the Harris County Domestic Violence Division one of the best in the country for years well before the current administration took office. She could have passed the non whale case off to a subordinate for trial but chose to use her experience and ability to take the best shot at a conviction even with no certainty a conviction would result. Congratulations Jane for upholding a years long tradition in that office of teeing it up to a jury when necessary to seek a just result. Bert Graham

Anonymous said...

I think she did punt. She didn't try the case. If she didn't try the case and she had a ripe ADA try it, would that change your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Brian Rogers should interview the experienced Criminal District Judges to get their input on the trial performance of Judge Pat's prosecutors'. Talk about chickenshit and bullshit. LOL.

Anonymous said...

RACHEL'S NIGHTMARE–Unfortunately, Rachel’s nightmare won’t end after the assault, argument and trial. Since they have children together, she will live with him in his shadow forever. If he gets visitation with his children, she will worry about her children every time they are with him. She will pray that he finds a good wife #5 that loves kids and will help protect her kids during visits; if Dr. Brown does not get visitation, she will still worry about the kids – as the children get older, there will no doubt be letters, e-mails, text messages (e.g. letters to sophie, “your mother is a bitch” – There is nothing worse than a child getting an evil message from his / her parent, having his / her birthday ruined because of a rage or being forced to make a decision to cut a parent out of his / her life (even if it is due to the parent’s bad behavior).

Nathan did an admiral job trying to get justice; unfortunately, he was made into the victim. The victims arethe children, Wife Number 3, Rachel Brown and the next victim will be Wife #5 – just give it time.

BLACK INK said...

Anon 8:07,


When in a personal relationship a rich guy preys on a weaker poor woman/child the gold digger card plays like an Ace as a defense to the abusive behavior.

But as with the "King of Pop"; what goes around comes assured that Dr. Brown will have his comeuppance.