Friday, April 8, 2011


The American Family Budget--Washington Style:

1. The family credit cards are ALL maxed out and credit applications are pending.
2. The 10,000+ square foot homestead on three (3) manicured acres with detached quarters, outdoor kitchen, lazy river, spa and Olympic pool; all financed with a zero down interest only balloon note is now six (6) months in arrears.
3. The Spring Break family vacation for next year is already booked for the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from Paris to Istanbul.
4. The support staff is in full gear shopping and packing for the family in preparation of summering in The Hamptons (this summer home is also heavily leveraged and in arrears).
5. The chalet in St. Tropez is being totally redone in anticipation of the secular winter holiday party season; numerous construction liens against the property, notwithstanding.
6. The 2012 Gulfstream G650 family jet was delivered last week with the family logo prominently painted on the fuselage.
7. Baby momma # 13 ordered her new Escalade....her old one already has over 10K miles.
8. Harry R., the eldest, is eyeing an Aston Martin One-77.
9. Nancy P., the original baby momma, wants a new A/C system installed in the kennels fearing the poor dogs will surely die otherwise.
10. Baby Daddy is demanding a raise from his employer to cover the family expenses. He presents the argument that this raise is a humanitarian necessity and that merit is irrelevant. Further, that a denial of this arbitrary demand would be Draconian and constitute extreme and unusual hardship to his family who are entitled to whatever they want and should not be required to work if they don't feel like it.

And the party never seems to end.......................until Johnny, Harry's step-brother, hooks up with a bunch of responsible friends at a tea party who advocate stopping this madness.
The family dismisses these Tea Party folks as bitter racists.

Thus the dilemma:
President Barack Hussein Obama wants everyone on the planet to worship him; but his role as POTUS requires leadership decisions which threaten his narcissistic persona.
Mr. President, it's time to BE Presidential and swing the bat.................the victim routine is wearing thin and the BUCK STOPS IN THE OVAL OFFICE.

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Obama will blink.