Monday, March 14, 2011


Japan suffered the worst earthquake since records have been kept; a devastating 9.0 . Twelve minutes later a tsunami poured over the island. For the next 36 hours aftershocks peppered the landscape.
At least two (2) of Japan's nuclear reactors are at some stage of meltdown.
Almost 200 people are known to have suffered some degree of radiation poisoning.
Tens of thousands are feared dead and the crematoriums are at capacity.

Notwithstanding this horrific disaster, the Japanese response has not only demonstrated a responsible self reliance; but most importantly has shown the world how honorable people react to crisis.
There are no riots.
There is no looting.
There is no blame.

The Japanese people have chosen to work TOGETHER to help each other survive instead of exploiting every angle of self interest.

May God bless the Japanese people and ease their suffering...............may the rest of us learn from their strength of character.


Anonymous said...

no doubt

Anonymous said...

Japan lost a third reactor the conditions worsen each day and the people over there remain as orderly as before the quake. Impressive culture.

Anonymous said...

How can the US get some Japanese to relocate to New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:39 --


Anonymous said...

We could learn from them!

Anonymous said...

even with snow and allegations the govt.lied to the people about radiation risks there are still no riots, looting or rapes.
maybe public housing and fema cards aren't the best way to go. who knew?