Thursday, February 17, 2011


Brian Rogers took a big risk this morning by putting journalistic integrity on the front page of today's Houston hat is off to you, sir.

Well as it turns out Lykos was an inspiration for William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"; thus Rogers' epiphany, "when someone insists so passionately about something not being true people suspect the opposite of what one is saying."

Rogers aptly pointed out that, "Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos won office in 2008 saying conviction rates should not be about 'the counting of scalps'."
'Judges aren't referees and justice is not a game,' she said on the campaign trail."

Pat Lykos could not run for District Attorney on personal merit or ability so her campaign focused on tearing down the reputation of her highly qualified opponent, Kelly Siegler.  Lykos marginalized Rock Star prosecutors generally by implying it was all a game for them---the spoils went to the winners and justice was lost in the exchange.  Political Pat Lykos knew that a campaign based on merit would not have worked in her she put on her game face--truth be damned and "Dialing for Dollars" was on!

Shall we judge Lykos simply on what she says or on what she has actually done?

Lykos has run the Harris County District Attorney's office into the ground. Trial statistics are way down, morale is at an all time low, confidence is scarce and there has never been a faster attrition rate in memory.
The fact that a mid level prosecutor felt compelled to send out an email pleading with fellow prosecutors to PLEASE try some cases begs the question as to why the Hell such a desperate plea seemed necessary; never mind how inappropriate it was on every level?

Harris County citizens should be asking:
1. Why do Harris County ADAs have to be bribed to go to trial....are they afraid, lazy, incompetent etc.?
2. When a Harris County ADA decides whether or not to go to trial:
   a.) how can the complexity or level of difficulty ever over-ride one's duty to seek justice?
   b.) how can doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do NOT be a sufficient basis?
   c.) how can political favor ever be more important than due process and equal protection?
3. I wonder what Lykos is telling her prosecutors behind closed doors as to the consequences for a trial loss.....specially a high profile case that would reflect on her!

Game show host Pat Lykos has shown her true colors: winning at ALL costs, not justice, really is what Lykos covets most............THAT, ironically, is precisely why she never really understood or appreciated how good Kelly Siegler really is.

Siegler has SHOWN that JUSTICE is her JOB and it was NEVER a game........those are her true colors.

The "Justice Game" is officially for sale at the Harris County District Attorney's Office........I urge all readers to boycott it.

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Anonymous said...

Patsy Lykos was elected DA based on someone else's DA emails and hopefully she will be thrown out the same way. With the Chuckster his emails showed poor judgment that implied he did not fairly discharge his duties as DA. With this email, however, there is no leap to get there. Specific performance based on poor judgment is outlined in detail and it directly relates to how an ADA should inappropriately perform his/her duties.

I expect multiple grievances to be filed on Patsy in the very near future. If this gets the same level of media attention the Chuckster got Patsy is outta here. The question is who will Perry appoint as interim DA should Pat Lykos be removed from office?